another Bug found in Cubase 8 + 8.0.5

when you created an external fx and want to rename it later, it will not show up with the updated name in the steinberg plugin folder. you have to choose the old name, then the fx suddenly pops up with the new name.
this is problematic, when renaming a bunch of external fx chains, cause then you have to play the “which is which” game.
so please steinberg fix this cause in cubase 6!!! it works (like many other things which are broken with new releases)

cubase is one of the pieces of software, which succeed in porting an old working feature to the next release and introduce some bugs. so steinberg, perhaps someone from ableton or protools is infiltrated in your coding crew - sabotage… :slight_smile: seriously, why the heck is suddenly the mackie protocoll to the external mixer hardware so weird… it creates 2 main outs and such stuff (another thread)

You are posting in the wrong forum :blush: Write a ticket to customer support directly or post in the issues part of the forum. Moderator, please move this.

do the mods need your help?