another bug ..groove agent 5se locks up cubase

groove agent 5 se keeps asking for a library called --ADD_SMT_111_ELEKDRUMS.VSTSOUND
ive located it and ive clicked on it but it gets in a loop and keeps asking for it with the box popping up all the time even though im showing it were it is.
you cant use any functions on Cubase so then you have to open taskmanger in win 10 and close Cubase to stop it.

how can I fix this?in Cubase 9.5 I don’t get this problem.

I suggest you do a clean install. I upgraded from 9.5 to 10 and I had world of issues with missing content etc. Delete EVERYTHING. I mean everything.
Even the steinberg folders, and the hidden ones too!

I spent almost 6 hours today trying to get this thing to work. And finally I did it. I just had to re-install everything 2 times. Biggest reason was because at some point i’ve been installing content for all users and sometimes for single user. This somehow messes cubase and it does not find content. C10 installs content automatically for all users. Hang in there!