Another Bug, maybe nobody noticed

In Cubase 8.05, when you export Audio in the name filed, if you make a mistake while typing
you can not edit what you typed, it will highlight the whole thing and you have to delete it
and then type again the whole thing. Also, the same goes for Track Naming in the inspector
and few other fields around Cubase i think. This is very annoying and was never like this,
if you click on whatever you wanna edit and type it will highlight ONLY the whole thing and
you can not edit, you can not click with the mouse on a letter somewhere and edit it.

I don’t know if anyone else noticed it.

It was reported.

And it’s already in the collected issues section.

Thank You and please add to that:

Cubase will not REWRITE file on Export Audio, will keep asking you to confirm
and you will do so but it will not rewrite, brings you back to rename.


Oh yes I noticed ! I thought it wes only me but thanks for bringing this up. Good to know that the devs are aware now that it’s reported.

Why don’t you report it yourself? With a repro… :wink: