Another Cadenza Question

How do you approach entering a bar like this? It’s in 4/4. Can I just make it an unmeasured bar and then hide the subsequent time signature?

There are numerous ways of doing this, but this would be my go to:

Hide the 7 number and bracket from the properties panel.

Oh, and if you need a fermata on the first note of the cello stave, make a playing technique that looks like a pause and apply it to that note only.

And yes, an alternative would be to:

  1. Add a 4/4 time signature at the start of the next bar, then hide it from the properties panel.
  2. Set the caret somewhere inside the cadenza bar.
  3. Type Shift+B +3q Enter.
  4. Delete the extraneous barline that appears.

That gives you something like this:

Rather than removing the extra rests from the piano staves, I’d do something like this (using tuplets and Force Duration rests). To me, the spacing of the rests looks better this way:

Again, hide the brackets and numbers from the properties panel.