Another "Cannot run 2 instances" problem [SOLVED!]

Had VST Connect PRO 4.0.43/Nuendo 10.2.20 running fine up to yesterday. Some issues with latency which I was working on, then poof, N10 crashed.
Since then, I’ve rebooted the computer, tried with Nuendo 10, Nuendo 8, Cubase 10.5, threshed preferences, all to no avail. Here’s the sequence…

Open N10 :: Start a new project :: Click on VST Cloud/VST Connect Pro/Create VST Connect

The VST Connect Info window appears on the screen, but it doesn’t close automatically.
So far, what I can ascertain is:

A VST Stereo Input has been created
A VST Connect Cue Channel has been created
In the CR Inserts tab “VST Connect CUEMix” and "“VST Connect Monitor” are created.
But…A record Track is NOT created…

If I click on VST Connect Pro/Check and Repair Configuration, I get a window saying “You can not run two instances of VST Connect”

The VST Connect Editor window menu option is greyed out.

Any thoughts?


sorry to hear about your problem. I know you already did it. But can you please (again) delete you Preferences? Then start your Nuendo 10 version and create your VST Connect setup. It stills hangs? You did not do something special in between?


I threshed the prefs for N10 again, as requested, but no joy…still “You can not run two instances of VST Connect” and a stuck VST Connect info screen.
[I wasn’t expecting it to work, given that it happens with N10, N8 and C10.5]

Crash dump that follows is included here…
Nuendo 64bit 2020.5.17 (1.07 MB)

Have tried removing the VST Connect Pro plugin and re-running the Repair or Create VST Connect?

Removed the plug in [VST Connect.vst3 in C\Prog Files\Common Files\VST3\Steinberg\VST Connect
“Check and Repair” and Nuendo crashed.
Still no joy!
My setup is a 4-screen one. VST Connect Pro had been working fine, and I could move it to any of the 4 screens.
I’m monitoring viewtopic.php?f=221&t=186625 which also concerns multiple monitors, but I can’t even get to the Connect Pro interface at all…it stalls at the “VST Connect Info” screen, and if I try “Check and Repair”, its boom!

…and how about when using “Remove VST Connect” followed by create?

“Remove VST Connect” is greyed out…

I didn’t mean you should remove the plugin file of course, because then there would be no plugin to load.

I meant, remove it from the Insert slot.

At this point I would do an install of VST Connect Pro using the installer. Then,

Launch Nuendo
new empty project
Use menu to Create VST Connect Pro

What happens?

But also, when the Create VST Connect dialog did not close automatically, was VST Connect Pro nonetheless instantiated correctly? And, could you close the window yourself?

Morning Steve et al! Thanks for staying with me on this.

I re-installed VST Connect Pro 4.0.43
When I open Nuendo and look in VST Plugin Manager, I see

VST Cue Mix / VST Monitor / VST Connect PRO / VST Connect PRO SE

All 4 plugins refer to file VSTConnect.vst3 which is located in “C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST\Steinberg\VST Connect”
File version is

I then load a New Empty Project…I removed the Cue Connect outputs from the Control Room channel
[these should be recreated by the “Create VST Connect” command later]

If I open the Control Room, there is no Cue Connect present, and there is no VST Connect Monitor insert present either.

OK, ready to create VST Connect

I go to VST Cloud/VST CONNECT PRO and select “Create VST Connect”
The “VST connect Info” window appears…normally this should do its work, and then close…it stays open.

At this point, I have :
A VST Connect Input Bus created
A “Cue(VST Connect)” stereo output created in the Control room connections
A “Cue (VST Connect)” in the Control Room Panel
A “VST Connect Cue Mix” plug-in in the Control Room Panel
A “VST Connect Monitor” plug-in in the Control Room Panel

As far as I can see, this means that all commands in the VST Connect Info" window have been completed down to just before “Add Record Track”
No Performer Track has been created.
All Nuendo menus are still active and available, but the “Create VST Connect” sequence has not been completed.
All options in the “VST Cloud/VST CONNECT PRO” menu are unavailable apart from “Create VST Connect” and “Check and Repair Configuration”
If I click on “Check and Repair Configuration” I get a message box saying “VST Connect Setup is wrong. Repair?” [Yes/No]
I click on Yes…I get a message box saying “You cannot run two instances of VST Connect” I have to click twice to get out of that Message Box.

I am now likely to get a Nuendo error message with a crash dump.
That’s it!

Could you check to find all vstconnect.dll in C:/Program Files?
In particular, Steinberg\Nuendo 10\components, and check the version?
Thansk, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Musi

4 versions:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared components []
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5\Components []
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 10\Components []
C:\Program FIles\Steinberg\Nuendo 8\Components []

None in C:\Program Files\Nuendo 10\Components, which is the active DAW…but I
expect its the one in the Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components that is used??

Any thoughts, musi?

Ive had no reply to yours of May 18th., musi…

Should I have vstconnect.dll [version] in My Nuendo 10\Components??


we are still looking into this. Currently we’re preparing for 4.0.44 which might solve it, but still chasing a crash bug only on certain machines that are not within our reach :frowning:
I had a very similar problem myself, it was a damaged vstconnect.dll.
In my Nuendo 10 folder there ist a components/vstconnect.dll file. However as you already suspected, afaik the commonfiles version should override local versions. Nevertheless you might try: a) copy the common (4.0.43) one to nuendo/components, if that fails, try the Cubase one. If nothing works don’t forget to remove it again.
Does your Cubase work with VST Connect?

No… N10, N8 and C10.5 all have the same problem…

I have C10.5 running on a second machine…VST CONNECT PRO is working fine on that.

I also notice that when C10.5 is initialising on this machine, I see “initializing vstconnect.dll” during that process…

When I load N10.2.20 on my main machine, I don’t observe that “initializing vstconnect.dll” during the load.
It’s pretty fast, and it may have happened without me noticing…
The vstconnect.dll is in the components folder ok, and as usual I get the “VST Connect Info” window, and then it stalls at
the Add Performer track action…

It looks like we’re getting closer to solving this! The problem appeared with Nuendo 10.2, so it used to work with prior versions as it seems. We’ll keep you up to date. Sorry for the inconvenience.
We also appear to have found the crash preventing 4.0.44 to get finished, and hope to be able to get it thru testing tomorrow (today is a holiday in Germany).

Thanks for all the help, musi!

Ah ha! Breakthrough, I hope!

Just had a look at
It mentioned that the camera [dis]connection affected whether VST Connect worked or not…lightbulb moment!

After the first crash, I moved my camera to PC 3 [where it normally lives],
for an attempt to “sit in” on a Zoom session in my performer’s studio…

All the subsequent issues with VST Connect on PC 1 were with no camera connected.
So I added the camera back to the main Computer, and … VST Connect is back and looking good!!!

So, it seems that the camera MUST be present for VST Connect to work…
Will keep you appraised as I go…
Thanks Michael and Musi [hope that’s your right nickname!]

From HelpCentre Document on VST C PRO4

“As such, the Remote Latency is a crucial setting. But the bar graphs are there to help; each shows 1/2 second of time, and the bar indicates how much is available (at 50%, 0.25 sec audio are available).”

What and where are the bargraphs??