Another case of audio dropouts with UR22mkiII

I am using a UR22 mk II with a Windows 10 laptop in simultaneous playback and record - using Audacious to play a file (output is audible) and a program coded in GNU Octave to digitize to memory and analyze the result. About once per half-hour (on average) there is a playback dropout: I hear a thump and the audio output goes silent, then after a few seconds it seems to fade back in over half-a-second or so. I have been looking at earlier posts here re dropouts, and they mostly suggest problems to do with USB; I have noticed however that the white USB pilot light stays on through the dropout (I have the unit connected to a port on the laptop). Wi-fi, Bluetooth, etc. are off while this is running.

At first I suspected momentary breakdowns in an electrolytic bypass capacitor in the UR22, that would dump the voltage after which the cap slowly recharges; this would account for the signal fade-in as the amplifier stage came back up to normal bias level. But apparently there are enough other likely causes to put this one near the back of the list.

In any event, here are the pertinent details:
UR22 mk II s/n YEZH02934
Dell Latitude 7480, Win10 64-bit with 16 GB
Yamaha Win10 driver 12/5/2018 v1.10.4.1
USB driver ysusb_w10_64.sys v1.10.4

BTW, I also have had dropouts with the UR22 connected to a workstation running Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) with ALSA.
Constructive responses will be welcomed.

Just ran the UR22 in playback-only from the Linux box for 40 minutes - no dropouts. This makes it less likely that the UR22 itself is at fault. And this a day after running in simultaneous playback & record for over an hour when there seemed to be a dropout every 10 minutes. Go figure.

I have been trying various playback combinations including bypassing the UR22 and instead taking the analog line output from the computer (on both the Win10 laptop and the Ubuntu workstation); apparently no dropouts so far, except with playback from the Win10 through the UR22 as reported previously. So I strongly suspect the Yamaha Win10 USB driver. Is there a v1.10.5 out yet?

Same issue here, for a year now…I hope Steinberg or Yamaha are working on it?

I have been running a test using Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) with audio output via Audacious in continuous-looping mode - no dropouts in over an hour so far. Before this I had tried using Ubuntu in VirtualBox on the same hardware as a Win10 machine, and the driver gave distorted output.

I suspect that there is a problem with the way Win10 manages the USB 2.0 ports, and that this is the root cause of all the reports of dropouts and distortion. With the VirtualBox install of Ubuntu, I noticed that it is still Win10 that manages the USB ports and their virtualization. In contrat, I am now running Ubuntu natively on the same machine. (The only problem I have noticed is that there seems to be something in the Linux ALSA setup that is uninitialized, so that sometimes one application is unable to get control of the ALSA channel if another application has been using it previously - the only solution seems to be a reboot.)

For all those experiencing problems under Win10, I suggest ditching it and installing Linux (I recommend Ubuntu or Mint). If you need a DAW, there is Ardour and likely others; otherwise Audacity offers plenty of options.