Another condensing problem

How can I get rid of the unwanted rests in the clarinets staff at bar 5?
Notice that the Horns staff is notated properly.
Thank you very much in advance.
Rabaglia sample.dorico (2.0 MB)
Slice 1.pdf (42.4 KB)

Hi Stefano
Move the condensing change to the first note of the tuplet instead of the last one.

Thank you Rafaelv,
If I do so the slur with the precedeng note is broken and it’s not displayed.
I don’t understand why the horns are correct.

Oh, i see.
I guess that, because of the ties and the tuplets from the last note of bar 3 till the beggining of bar 5, wherever you introduce a condensing change the tie or the tuplet gets interrupted und that produces the unwanted rests.
Would a condensing change at the beggining of bar 5 be an acceptable option for you/your editor?
If not, i would put the condensing change there anyway and add the up stem in the las note of bar 4 as a playing technique. But that is of course just a workaround, maybe someone else has a better solution

The idea with the playing technique is not ideal because the downstem of the condensed part goes through both noteheads. Well wait… the ultimative workaround would be to hide also that stem and replace it with another down stem-playing technique. I’m sorry to be giving just workarounds (years of using Finale can not be denied :wink: ) but still hope for a better solution
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Thank you, but any condensing change would destroy the slurs.
The only solution is to change the condensing for the entire period, starting from the previous page. Not ideal. And still I can’t understand why the horns condense the way I’d want to instead!.
If I’m not mistaken, condensing was introduced 3 years ago. It is a fantastic feature, indeed. Unfortunately it’s not complete (missing slurs in divisi-condensing, instrument changes cannot condense etc.). Since then Dorico has introduced a lot of new features, while the condensing feature remains unfinished. It would probably be best to complete the job before adding more features, I think. Is Dorico a music publishing software or just another DAW?
By the way, it’s very slow and working with large projects, like an entire opera act, is becoming extremely luggish. This makes it almost impossible to use it in a professional publishing environment.
I fear we may be forced to switch to another software. It would indeed be a pity!

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There are certainly some remaining big chunks of functionality in condensing that require our attention, and we are planning to return to this functional area soon. In this specific case, being able to edit the rests in the condensed staff would provide the solution, and that is certainly something we plan to allow in future.


Dear Daniel,
Thank you very much for your kind answer.
Please believe that my comments come from a great fan of Dorico.
All the best.