(Another) condensing question

I have three flutes in my score. Flute 2 doubles on Alto Flute and Flute 3 doubles on Piccolo.

Assuming all players are playing Flute, will these staves condense? And if Flutes 1 and 3 are playing Flute but Flute 2 is on Alto, will Flutes 1 and 3 condense to a single staff? How about if Flutes 1 and 2 are on Flute, but 3 is on Piccolo - will 1 and 2 condense to a single staff?

Obviously if Alto Flute and Piccolo are both being used, then there is nothing to condense.


Thanks for trying this out for me.

In your example, what would happen if Flute 3 did not change to piccolo? Would Flute 1 and 3 then condense to the top staff?

Indeed it does. I just moved the piccolo notes onto the Flute 3 staff with Alt-N to try it.

Great! Thanks so much.