Another Crash report...

Hello! I am new to the Wavelab DAW for about 2 months.

I been reading most of the post here and in Gearslutz on the numerous people complaining, but I still decided to buy this DAW since the same very people are professional and trusted they use this platform… Before I was working on Studio One3 and DSP-Quattro. So Processing in SO and Assembling in DSP. I spent way too much time figure in out the workflow and trial and error before going “live” on real projects. Now that you’ll know a little about it I will go with my problem.

So now I open Wavelab and don’t have the window asking me what layout I want to open again and I never selected keep this option… So it just jump to the latest project and with the Slate Digital Tape Machine all the way up in the screen of monitor and I can’t pull it down, So I tried to delete plug in and crash. then reopen attempt to do it again and still crashes. Then I tried to click on the little wrench golden tool in the master section and disable (restore Last Configuration at next start-up) but that crashes to… SO now every time I open Wavelab The same master Section and plugins come and I don’t want That… I tried to look how to not do that again and can’t get it.

The only way I found a way to get the VTM to come down was actually re installing wavelab and the I was able to get it down and delete it from the chain. Still I don’t want the plugin chain to always come every time I open the DAW…
Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 7.07.57 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 7.04.37 PM.jpg

Hi …

To display the General window layout dialog, press [Ctrl]/[Command] when starting WL.

The plugins should not re load if you de-select ‘Restore last configuration at next start up’.

This option is still shown as ‘selected’ in your 2nd screen shot:

I am aware that there was an issue with some previous versions of Slate plugins loading and displaying correctly. Not just in WL. Maybe check that you are running the latest versions.

Hope this helps.