Another Cubase 6.5 thread!!

Hey all, just picked up my 6.5 upgrade from 6 today. Very cool, although I completely missed the part about there being a grace period and paid for it despite having bought Cubase 6 in December…don’t suppose Steinberg can work some magic there can they?? :wink:

Anyway, I’m loving the two new synths. Does anyone know if there’s a way to use custom wave forms in the Padshop?

Also it’s kind of a shame that not all parameters are available in the controller routing matrix in Retrologue. Being able to assign Mod Wheel to LFO Rate, or even LFO 1 to LFO 2 rate and other tricks like that can really make for some interesting sounds. Let’s hope they give us more options in another incremental update.

you can assign mod wheel to most knobs by right-clicking, there is a mod-wheel option - but I agree, lfos should be available as a destination…

Custom samples for Padshop are not possible unfortunately, that was the first thing I asked :frowning:
Sounds great still though.

Thanks for the answers guys - yeah it would be nice, although there are so many variations on the stock waves, I should be able to get most of the sounds I want. Just wondered really. Maybe that’s something they’ll open up in time?

Is there a way to map MIDI performance data to on screen elements, independent of the routing options of the plugin?

Ahhh! I just tried this…amazing! I love Retrologue <3

Thanks so much man.