Another Day another Issue making Cubase 13 unusable

So another day another major bug. I am unable to get through 10 seconds of audio on 13 without pops or clicks. This is a project with 2 midi track that are 8 bars long with single notes. This is like 1990 levels of crazy. No crash report cause guess what. There’s a bug that stops those being retrieved now as well lol Applause*


You are talking about the MIDI Tracks. Where are they routed to? What is the MIDI Out set to?

Normal stereo out. This is a project that initially had not pops. Reopened pops galore.


I’m sorry, MIDI Tracks couldn’t use Stereo Out as an Output.

Are you talking about Instrument Tracks? Or a MIDI Tracks routed to a Rack Instrument?

Nope just standard midi to stereo out.

I’m intentionally trying to find bugs within cubase so most of the projects are only a couple of tracks. with no adjustments to routing.


This is not MIDI. This is an Instrument Track with NI Kontakt 7 instance.

As NI Kontakt is quite unstable lately, I would guess, this is the issue here.

yes kontakt 7.6 introduced lot’s of problems that most have been solved with the 7.7 update

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Thanks, didn’t realise there was a new update. Hopefully makes it a bit better

Right. You meant specifically a midi track not a track capable of holding midi. Switching from Ableton I’m still wrapping my head around the sheer quantity of track options and their purpose.

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