(Another) Dorico 5 (or Dorico 4.x) wishlist

So, from what I’ve gathered from @dspreadbury 's twitter posts, this may all be forthcoming in an update (hopefully soon :crossed_fingers:)

I’ve just finished working on an orchestration with a Dorico to Cubase pipeline using Spitfire BBCSO templates in both. For the most part it worked quite well, but I feel it would be a lot faster if some of the functionality in the Cubase MIDI editor were implemented. Some things I would like to see would be:

-I know the forthcoming update will have the function to see multiple lanes of automation, it would be nice to be able to easily copy and paste automation from one CC to another (i.e. CC1 to CC11)
-Have edits to CC automation show cursor on MIDI notes in key editor (it may already do this, I’ve just had a bear of a time with the resizing of the lanes)
-Alternative drawing tools to just the line (i.e. parabola, sine etc)
-More routing options in the mix menu, ability to send to more than one FX channel
-Ability to create subgroups and/or create section VCA’s in the mix window


The forthcoming update won’t be tackling any Mixer or audio routing issues, and nor will we be adding any curve functionality to the line tool in the Key Editor right away, though both of these are things I expect us to tackle in future. But copying and pasting of CC data is certainly something we are working on at the moment, and that will be improved in the next update.


A couple things I forgot that would be great in down the road updates would be the ability to track live in Dorico and/or upload an audio track that you can use for reference or creating demos.

I know this is a tall order, lol, but I long for the day when I can submit anything for client approval before moving to the DAW.


That’s certainly where we would like to get to, as well, but it will probably take us a couple more major versions to achieve it.