Another eLicenser Mess

So I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and somewhere in the process things went haywire. When I tried to open Cubase, I wasn’t able to…inadvertently, I managed to report that the USB eLicenser was broken (which it isn’t) & it is now deactivated. Under eLicensers on MySteinberg it says: “Broken eLicenser”.

To keep things simple, where do I go from here?

I purchased the upgrade to 8.5 and have the activation code, but it won’t let me upgrade. Under “My Products” it reads “Broken eLicenser”. And under the downloads section, I don’t see Cubase 8 at all. To make matters worse, the MP3 Encoder section is reading like I’m just running a demo of Cubase. Here’s a screenshot:!AoWBcHkfksvNgwozwDP5oYGIKiwD

Any help is appreciated.

I think you need to contact support so they can cancel this broken elicenser status. Did you accidentally clicked on “request Steinberg zero downtime”? Please explain exactly what you did.

But you can try install elicenser software again to see if it helps (and try running a maintenance task) :

Hey thanks for your response, yes…sorry for not being clear, I accidentally requested Steinberg zero downtime.

Reinstall & Maintenance a no go.

I think that only Steinberg will be able to solve this problem.

Thanks, yea…I put in a ticket. Thanks for chiming in.