Another eLicenser?

I was thinking about upgrading from Elements 10 to Artist 10.5. But when I Add To Cart it also adds a eLicenser which I already have when I purchased Elements 7,8 and 10. Why do I need to buy another eLicenser? Thanks for any and all help.

Just open the elicenser application and enter the activation code you received via email.
After this you should be fine?

So all I need to do is remove the eLicenser from my order? Is that correct?

yes but do you have a USB elicenser?

If you have only eber bought elements versions, you did not get a USB e licenser, which you need for Artist.

You shouldn’t have bought a extra elicenser in the shop. But that’s a totally different issue? To activate and use your software. Open the elicenser application and just insert the activation key you received via email. Nothing else!

What a lot of confusing responses. As svennilenni has point out, you need a USB-eLicenser to run Cubase Artist.

You didn’t need one for Elements.

Since you didn’t have one, you now have to buy one, and the store automatically puts one in your shopping cart.

Do you have your Elements 10 license on a usb stick? There are two types of liceners - soft e-license, and usb license.

Elements 10 can use either one.
It’s normally on a soft license that is connected to your specific computer, but you can transfer it to a usb licenser so that you can use it on other computers too.

If you already have that, you don’t need to buy another one.
If you don’t have a usb licenser, you’ll need to get one to run Artist.

No, I don’t have a USB stick. It looks like I need to purchase one to run Artist 10.5. Is the only reason I need to purchase the USB stick is to be able to use it on another computer? I don’t have another computer I would need it for. I’d like to thank everyone for their time and help.

Cubase Artist requires a USB Elicenser to be plugged in order to run, whereas, the lower priced AI, LE, and Elements do not, it’s that simple.

So yes you need the usb elicencer. Also on 1 computer. 100% sure.

Thanks again for all of the help.