Another exclamation point about Mac GUI issues.

Yes, it’s another post about this.

Issue: Mac GUI is still slow and jerky in many ways.


  1. Load up a project of decent size and scroll horizontally through the mixer: Slow and jerky.
  2. Load up a project of decent size and scroll up and down in the project window: It’s jerky.
  3. Open up the MIDI piano roll editor in a session with high CPU. It will often cause dropouts and stuttering with the sound during playback.

There are others here and there that I can’t recall at the moment. Others can feel free to add on here: Please keep this thread ONLY about Mac GUI issues, nothing else.

We know very well that Mac GUI is still a problem even though parts of been improved (thank you for those). But every Windows machine I’ve tried Cubase on is smooth and flies crisply with the GUI, while every Mac I’ve tried it on has issues (including two of my own: a trashcan Mac Pro and MacBook Pro). I know a few people here don’t have this problem on their Mac, for some unknown reason. But many people clearly still experience it, and we know factually that Steinberg is very well aware of the issue. Hopefully they are continuing to make it an absolute priority to make it as smooth and fast as other DAWs on Mac, because it’s far behind overall, still. I’m starting to eye others again, and this issue is the main reason.

I agree, there is still work that needs to be put into the GUI. In another thread, we were told that a few fixes didn’t make it into 9.5 but that more were on the way. Now we’re on 9.5.20 and still no improvements.


Have these problems continually. Slowly losing confidence that these things will ever get resolved.

Hopefully “a few fixes” means “making it exactly as fast and smooth as it is on Windows, and like every other DAW is on Mac”. I’m also losing confidence that this will get fixed to the level that it should be, at least in this incarnation of Cubase. I sincerely hope to proven wrong!

Finally upgraded to 9.5.21 (was waiting for the import feature to be fixed). Same GUI issues as before, and a new one sometimes:

Repro: While playing back a project that uses a good amount of CPU, open the piano roll MIDI editor of any track. You will notice that it is extremely jerky and slow in its response. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m at my wit’s end! Switching over to Windows is not what I want to do. Even though some things are better than before, it’s still painful to use in many ways when you like to work fast. It’s not professional and feels ancient in how slow and jerky things are on a Mac in some ways. Maybe a fix will come along relatively soon, maybe not. If not I’ll need to start auditioning others because it’s affecting my workflow too much. :frowning:

I don’t expect anyone to care, but I recently began auditioning other DAWs in hopes of making a switch. No response in the Nuendo forum, no response when I ask here, no response when I message Steinberg folk about the ongoing Mac GUI problem. I understand that it’s risky for them to post here, but GUI performance on Mac (with a smaller amount of exceptions here and there, for a reason no one can seem to figure out yet) is still very decidedly not at a pro level compared to any other DAW I’ve used or tried on the same two Macs.

I truly hope that a fix comes before I make the switch completely – not sure which one I’m going to end up using, but despite the inevitable issues that any DAW will have, I know it will perform crisp and fast with its GUI like a pro app should on Mac. So unbelievably bummed about this. All I want to do is stay with Cubendo, but the GUI issue is forcing my hand.