Another export audio mixdown issue

I did a mixdown last night of a song created in N5 and made some tweaks in N6. I could not get a real-time mixdown without a drive is not fast enough error. I tried disabling a bunch of unnecessary tracks and still could not get it to work. Then I tried an offline mixdown and it worked but I got at least one drop-out of a track (vocal for 1/2 second).
I redid the song this morning in N5 and everything is working as it should and I didn’t disable any tracks.

It is a big project (300 + tracks) and the drive has always been on the edge but it has always been workable. Clearly there is something going on where the efficiency of drive use has gone down. This looks like a bug to me.

Also does drive speed really matter when doing offline mixdowns? I didn’t receive any error messages. This looks like an other bug.


I had this also 2 times. I got this error because of the destiniation drive of the mixdown, which was a network drive. When I closed nuendo and restarted it, the export worked without any issues. It works always when I do the export to a fast drive.

But you are right, this seems to be another bug. Why the drive speed matters when I do an offline export?

  • I’m having issues playing and exporting (small) files, I can see Nuendo 6 giving spikes on the disk meter! Same project on Nuendo 5.5.4 no disk issues whatsoever.

Perhaps the internal routing or something is more complex and makes disk access more of a sensitive matter.

300 tracks on a drive that’s been on the edge though? I wouldn’t expect that to work on any system.

It has always been critical to run a drive o.t.e.
I consider anything close to 80 % as unreliable.
If a faster drive is not obtainable and the amount of tracks/data cannot be deminished
a SSD drive might do the trick, although I personally do not yet recommend those.
Could you split the files on 2 drives?

Big K

Do you hear those spikes, a tall?

See my other post on SATA 3, I’m having issues playing back small (few seconds) files from a SATA 3 disk (just one track), while it plays fine from a USB 2.0 disk??!!
This is in Nuendo 6 only!

In 32 or 64 Bit? This seems to be a SATA3 driver issue.

This problem was not fixed in 6.03. It is not an issue of hard drive speed (as was alluded in an earlier reply) as it worked fine in N5.5 with the same project even before I disabled a bunch of unecessary tracks.

N6 is doing something that is making a mess of hard drive speed. Out of 3 projects that were fine in N5.5, 2 of them will not allow a realtime mixdown without a disk error message in N6.

I consider this a major bug. Please look into this Steinberg.



I apologize for being a contrarian, but I’m not sure I’d be ready to blame SB for a significant upgrade where a project with 300 tracks (which is what we in the industry refer to in technical terms as "a f-n sh-tload of tracks) has trouble playing back on a drive which was on the edge of functioning even before the upgrade.

Every single time I do a significant DAW upgrade I fully anticipate that I may have to upgrade or at least “clean” my computer.

No harm meant by having this for now differing opinion. I love you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Dean,

ok, we’ll check this.


Thanks Timo, it is appreciated.

Hi Lydiot

I don’t mind at all suggestions for looking at alternative solutions. In this case I’m looking at an apples to apples comparison with the only difference being N5.5 and N6. I even gave N6 an advantage by disabling around a dozen stereo tracks that N5.5 didn’t have a problem with. Yes I would see the HD meter spike in N5.5 when relocating in the project (N6 does the same thing) but it would play apparently glitch free in both programs after the drive caught up. But realtime mixdown would create the drive error message in N6 that was not a problem in N5.5.

And I love you too!


Just wondering, when you say it’s 300 tracks, is that 300 audio files playing at one time or is it 300 tracks have been created with audio files running at various places throughout?


Darren “More Tracks Is Not Enough” Ingram

At any given time it would be a little over 100 tracks actually playing. As I experiment further I am finding that even with offline mixdowns I am still getting drop-outs of certain tracks. I don’t hear drop-outs when I am working on the project (except when I initially move the cursor). This is an unworkable situation because I can’t hear a live mixdown and I can’t trust an offline mixdown. Back to N5.5 :cry:

I tried a mixdown for another song today and am still having the hard drive overload error for a real time mixdown. Out of six songs attempted, only two allowed an online (realtime) mixdown. I haven’t listened yet to see if the offline mixdown has any errors.


For what it’s worth, I was having the same sort of problem… was driving me crazy until I ran a surface scan on the disk and came up with a bunch of bad blocks that weren’t showing up in DiskWarrior or any other utilities. Replacing the drive!


Have you tried turning off (or on) the ASIO-Guard on the VST Audio System Page?
Is Multi Processing checked?

OK, I did some more testing of this problem. The glitch that was on the offline mixdown happens at the same time the disk error occurs on the realtime mixdown. I tried muting the track that glitch was happening on and was able to do a realtime mixdown. The track that I muted was a vocal track that had a ton of lanes or playlists (dozens).

My theory: I think that N6 may be trying to read, from the hard drive, all of the tracks in playlist at the same time instead of reading only the part that is in focus. Of course only the track that is in focus is heard.

Is this a possibility Steinberg?

BTW I have tried playing with ASIO guard to no avail and I have always been using multiprocessing.

Again, tracks will render fine in N5.5 (and earlier) so I don’t believe that it is a hardware issue.




Well, if your last hunch is what you want a comment on then obviously Steinberg is the one to ask. Let’s see how well that works out…

Yes, definitely looking for a Steinberg response!