Another feature request - lyrics display

Okay, here’s another idea for you. Sometimes in my band I sing duets with the other singer. I’d like to see a way of separating the two lyrics tracks so that they could be displayed in a different color in the lyrics display. Maybe adding a second marker track to Cubase and putting the second set of lyrics there. Then, have them merged together at performance time into a single display but with different colors.
Thanks for your consideration.

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I know it’s not the same but would do the job:
Lyrics for main
Notes for secondary

Why not just allow lyrics to be formatted with different colours? I was about to argue for different font sizes but realised a colour change would work just as we well for me too.

I support. I am also for multi-colored texts)

hi fkalmus,
how do you do this?, in my “VL mods” the “time markers” do not work, so notes don’t work for scrolling lyrics

greetings Andi

Hi @BlazingBlazer ,

I mean it generally speaking about. NOTES time-stamp-jump in iOS app must be fixed soon or later (as that is a bug and there are complains and also promise for fix) compared to your new-feature-request for secondary LYRICS track…
From that point of view solving your need with LYRICS + NOTES seems to be closer if you see what/how I mean :slight_smile:

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