Another 'goodie' tool...

Hi all,

Sorry again for Mac users : this is also made with Windows script… :blush:

Another little tool that could be helpful, I think, after this one : Knowing how much the preferences settings are important for a safe usage of Cubase, the present one, a VBScript, does a saving of all the preferences folder and its subfolders, as they were when you quit Cubase at your last session, in another one before launching Cubase.

So, in case of a Cubase crash (yes, it happens…) or another issue leading to an erratic behavior of it, you can replace the eventual corrupted preferences with the last saved one, instead of having to trash them and reconfigure everything.

Now, how does it work ? The zip contains 2 files. One (CubasePSxx.vbs) is the VBScript, the other (CubasePS.ini) is the file which contains the Cubase preferences path. The script creates a ‘SavedPref_’ subfolder in your ‘Documents’ one in which all the preferences of the previous session will be copied.

As many of us here have more than one Cubase version installed, the version of which preferences are saved and the executable launched are dependent of the path specified in the CubasePS.ini file. In example, with Windows 7, if you have in it :

  • _c:\users_ and \AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 7_64 -> a ‘SavedPref_Cubase 7_64’ folder is created (or updated) and Cubase 7 (64 bits) is launched.
  • c:\users\ and \AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 6 -> a ‘SavedPref_Cubase 6’ is created (or updated) and Cubase 6 (32 bits) is launched.

So, to use it :

  1. Put both files, in example, in your ‘Documents’ folder. In any case both files must be in the same one.
  2. Carefully adjust the path of the concerned Cubase version preferences folder in the CubasePS.ini file. WARNING ! The path is divided in 2 parts and the Windows user name must NOT appear, as it is retrieved by the script.
  3. Launch the CubasePSxx.vbs by double clicking on it. You can also make a shortcut on your desk pointing on it.

I tested it with C7.0.2 (64 bits), C6.5.4 (64 and 32 bits) and C5.1.1 (64 bits). Seems to work with all of them.

Hope it will be useful for some of you, as it is for me. I no longer worry about the preferences integrity with this one… Of course, feel free to make suggestions or report any issue about it here, especially from Windows 32 bits OS users, as I don’t have such a system at my disposal for testing it.

1.01 UPDATE (20/03/13)

Just a fix concerning eventual error messages, which should be displayed in a clearer way…

Updated version : see here :

Cheers !