Another HiDPI Windows Problem - Video is Cut

Besides plugins being cut off, video is also cutoff in the player in HiDPI mode on Windows:

Between the non-vector plugins being too small or cutoff in HiDpi, this makes using Nuendo/CuBase in HiDPI unusable. And without HiDPI everything is fuzzy and hurts my eyes.

Please fix, as this is 4K and I need to start working with 8K monitors this year!

This happens both when i open the video F8 either on the daw screen 4k, or external 55" screen 4k. I have a THIRD SCREEN that is 1080p and it DOES show up on that one properly:

Pics of HBO/Westworld Scene cutoff:

DAW 4k cutoff

Full Screen 4K



also this is an example of the VSTS on same computer when in 4k/HiDPI

I have the same problem on my 4K monitor in HiDPI mode. I get the same cutoffs but I did find if I actually click on the video screen it resizes properly. It would be nice if its gets fixed though.

Just a click? Mine does not fix itself. On the same screen or dragging it to another monitor?