Another Instrumental Rock Track

Hi All!

Hope you dig…


Nice! You can play!

Lovely playing and some delicious chewy lead sounds, very enjoyable.


Thanks for listening and posting.

That is effing awesome mate!!! what a great track! would’ve liked to hear a bit more Kick though.

Thanks for listening!

Agreed. The lead guitar is AWESOME! However, I would like to hear a bit more of the background.

Same, I found it great and was happy when I could hear the organs. More kicks will be better too.

Blimey you can play that guitar mate! As others have mentioned I’d prefer a more balanced mix between the lead GT and the backing band - but it’s your call as the producer ;o)

Nice song! But it would be nicer if I could hear a bass guitar and a kick drum. And maybe something else that lurks in the dark behind the over-present guitar parts?

Clearly the guitar tone you used and the way you play in this piece are inspired by Eric Johnson. That’s an ambitious undertaking but you’ve done an amazing job capturing his tone and fiery playing.

In regard to the bass drum, I could hear it fine but it’s living down in the sub bass frequencies. I’ve had problems when recording live drummers, getting nothing but sub bass on the bass drum track. If you used a sample, you might try out a few other bass drum sounds and use one that cuts through some more. But it’s a matter of taste. With the bass guitar too, I’d personally use a different bass tone but I know on some of the instrumental guitar music, it’s more a showcase for the guitars than an ensemble recording where the rhythm section is heard as much.

Hi Folks!

I appreciate you taking the time to listen and post feedback, thank you very much!