Another little request

To begin with: I’m enjoying very much Dorico If feels more stable in a way moving around with the mouse.
I have a little request (okay, what is little for a programmer, I know).
In Dorico 3.5 it was easy to keep a point in a cc lane on the same time place when you want to increase or diminish the value with the mouse.
In Dorico 4 there is a great improvement, that it is possible now to move the points just a little to the left or the right. But when the point is exactly in the good horizontal position, I want to keep it there, when I want to increase or decrease the value with the mouse. I know I can keep it in its exact time position by using the value box at the left but with the mouse it is a little tricky.
My request is: a tool that makes it possible with a key (e.g. ctrl, shift), that the point can’t move to the right, nor to the left, but just up and down when moving it with the mouse.

Yes, I agree that this would be a good improvement and we will try to add it in due course.

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