Another MIDI question!

Hi all.

I had such a cool set up with my cubase and MIDI devices, but then all of a sudden I was struck down with the dreaded windows reinstall (due to a corrupt file) and I had to reinstall Cubase and I obviously lost all of my presets and setup.
Now my problem is that I’m crap at MIDI stuff and it’s workings and I can’t remember how to get around this little problem.
When loading and playing any MIDI instrument ( MODO bass or groove agent…etc.) I am getting a reading in the levels next to the track and I can hear it through the speakers but it isn’t recording any MIDI notes on the track I am trying to record.I am sure it is a simple solution but a I said, not my specialty.

Any solutions? Let me know if you need anymore info.

Cheers for reading.


The virtual keyboards (or pads) of the Virtual Instruments don’t send the MIDI data back to the track. To be able to record MIDI data, use an external hardware MIDI Keyboard/Pad or a Virtual Keyboard of Cubase, please.

Solved! I forgot to check a couple of boxes (time stamp) which should be checked by default IMO.


To avoid losing your settings in the future, why not back them up?

You can find them here on a PC:

C:\Users{your name}\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 8.5_64 (for version 8.5).

Or you can use Profile manager in Cubase.

Yes, I will do in future! It seems to take something like this to remind you (or me anyway) that I should back up more things… :slight_smile: Thanks for your imput.