Another MusicXML / Sibelius import problem

I’m running into an issue importing a MusicXML file from a Sibelius user. When I import it, Dorico barfs on it with an “Invalid File Format” message. I’ve found this thread about a similar issue and tried using Best XML Parser Online to read the file, but the site read nothing but data and not text when I fed it the file - it must be compressed or something. Would someone at Steinberg please take a look at this and tell me why Dorico won’t import what is supposedly a valid MusicXML file to the rest of the world?
Bruckner Sym 6 Majestoso CB.xml (86.9 KB)

I tried opening this file in MuseScore, which is usually quite forgiving of problematic musicxml files. I told me that there was an error in line 1. I viewed the file in a hex editor and then saw “SIBELIUS”. As an experiment, I changed the file type from .xml to .sib. The file opened in Sibelius without any problems. If you have Sibelius, you could try opening the file as I did and then exporting to xml from that.

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Here is the musicxml file exported from Sibelius. It opened in MuseScore and Dorico without any errors.

Bruckner Sym 6 Majestoso CB (from Sib) (76.7 KB)

You will need to de-compress it first.

Here it is after importing into Dorico.

Bruckner Sym 6 Majestoso CB (from Sib).dorico (2.9 MB)

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Thank you - that’s just what I needed!