another new song/bass question

Hi, wouldn’t normaly put 2 new songs up back to back ( don’t wanna bore people ) but wanna sort a bass problem I seem to have, the question is…is there enough bass on this track ? at my end it seems like more than enough but been getting comments suggesting there is not enough bass on my stuff, need to get it sorted, cheers, Kevin

im only listeing through a netbook with a set of ear buds right now but it sounds good to me, the same ear buds thats making my tracks sound like crap, but then again the last time i put some songs up everyone told me the same so…

Ok mate, thanks for taking the time to listen, keep on keepin on and everything gets better !! Kevin


i can hear the bass fine but it sounds high (like an octave above) and tight. Is that what you want?


Dunno really, just want it to sound like a bass, your saying it sounds too high …I’m really gonna have to look into this bass thing, thanks for the comment, Kevin

Hi, ferencs is right one octave lower is bass, now it’s a bass sound played on guitar . It will certainly give much more power to the song.


thanks…you guy’s are really helping me get this sorted…for some weird reason bass has always been a problem for me, Kevin

Hi, so I’ve reduced the bass by an octave on both tracks and would be very gratefull if you can take the time to have a listen and confirm that it is better…on my speakers it sounds too much and I have to keep them at low volume or they start screaming at me…I reckon I’ve been putting the bass pitch too high to accomodate the speakers…so wrong !!thanks, Kevin

Kevin, I listened to the new one here both old and new versions; I think I like the second better. But maybe you didn’t have to change the bass part, maybe all you had to do was play with the equalizer on the master buss. A little shelf boost at 100 or 150 or so.

Maybe a suggestion or two, and I would just make a disclaimer first, I don’t know what I’m talking about! But, 1) listen on as many different speakers as you can (car, computer, home stereo, headphones) 2) do an a/b comparison between your project and a professional recording you like that you think has a sound similar to what you’re trying to achieve. Your monitors have bass ports on the back, and they do make it difficult to get it right in the low frequency range because they accentuate bass but then roll off quickly as the frequency lowers. At least that’s what I’ve read (not about yours specifically but about all 5" woofer/bass port designs). As long as you’re aware of this and check your mixes on other systems, it’s not something you can’t work around.

There are people around here who know a lot more about this than I do, room treatments, bass traps, all that, but in my own case, I just double check against references and many different speakers. You want to get it where your ears tell you it’s the way you want it, but you don’t want to be limited by what your speakers can do.

Ok, If I had a brain I could have thought of of that !!! what a plonker ! thanks for your input, I’m getting better on each song ( hopefully ) because fellow muso’s take the time to comment…thanks, Kevin

“back to you” is smooth stuff man. a song thats really easy to listen to, I like it. the mix seemed fine here, nice mix on the spacey guitar, liked the way you kept it part of the overal orchestration. cool song

thank you bluebob your to kind :laughing: :laughing:

just returning the favor :wink:


the 2nd version basses sounds better (more in bass domain) to me than the original post. If you’re playing bass via keyboard, the C2 octave/reference can be in a different place on the keyboard designated by the manufacturer. I keep that in mind when I play bass parts on Korg, Roland & Alesis keyboards…many times I’ve caught myself playing bass parts an octave higher…sound is accurate just higher. Of course, EQ’ng is also very important along with the preset bass patch you’re using.


Sounds much better to me, try a picked bass also for a more ‘lighter’ less muddy sound.

The 2nd bass mix sounds better to me

Had to edit the rest of my original comment, I think I listened to the first one twice.

Hi, thanks for looking in and commenting MR M…Frank, I’ve written down what you said for future use…and thank you bluebob…
renewal…I’ve always had probs with the attack on a picked bass, maybe i need to look into compressors a bit more, thanks again everybody, Kevin

I really don’t know anything technical about sound production in this style so I don’t think I can add anything to what’s been said. But I liked the overall feel and the main hook. I think some variation in parts would spice it up a bit but it’s sounding good so far Kevin, keep it up :slight_smile:

Thank you jonathan5456…Kevin

Hey, I really like “Back To You”! Bass…well it sounds tight and clean as is, but I reckon there’s a bit of wooliness in the mix overall. Maybe this would be a good mix reference?


Hi sherz…thanks for pointing that out to me, the song by Genesis is a very good reference for a clean mix…cheers, Kevin