Another Newbie Engrave Mode questions: Scary Frame Change lesson

This lesson seems scary if true (apologies for any wrong terminology)
in “Importing Page Templates” it says…
“Music frames on imported page templates are automatically assigned to their own frame chain, regardless of the frame chain to which they were originally assigned in their source page template set.” I am sure I am misundestanding but it sounds like the wrong music might be inserted if I insert a n imported page template…
What if I, hypotheically created a custom page that has, for instance, a music frame that only fills half the page and I want it to be, for instance, between 2 (default page templates) of music. Does this description (above) mean that the music on this page will not contain the proper music in the proper sequence? That doesn’t sound right. I assume I should be able to have my music (“flow”) continue no matter what the page looks like. What am I getting wrong?

If you create a custom page, either by manually editing the page, or by creating a new template and applying it: then that’s got nothing to do with importing page template sets.

However, I regularly import a set of templates into my documents, and they seem to be using the “MA” frame chain, the same as any others.

In short: I wouldn’t worry about this. It’s great that you’re trying to digest the manual, but really, I’d suggest trying to create a project and see what you need to understand from doing it.

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It just means that you might need to double-check what frame chain the frames on your imported page template are assigned to.

The frames on the pages, and their arrangement, dimensions etc will all come across fine. No extra music will be brought in.

Just import the page templates, check they’re set to the right frame chain, and carry on :slight_smile:

Lilly -
Thank you. Iam still not fully understanding. Here is an example:

I write a piano piece that is 3 pages long. For some reason I want to use an imported page template for page 2. I import the page template. I want to assign it to page 2. Are you saying I need to fiddle with something called a “frame chain” to make sure the music in page 2 is unchanged? Could you kindly describe a step-by-step method to accomplish this simple action? It seems like it may be more complicated than it appears on the surface.

Manny: import your page template, assign it to page 2 using a page template change, then see what happens. If it’s not what you want, come back here with screenshots or the project file for further instruction.

There are enough possible variables when it comes to page templates, that based on where you’re at, I don’t believe it will be helpful to discuss this stuff in hypotheticals.