Another Noob Question: Unlinking Clips in Montage

What is the key command/function/menu that links and unlinks clips.
When I move clips. =sometimes= all the clips to the right go along for the ride. Sometimes it moves independently.

It’s just that this is -exactly- the kind of frustration I run into by only using WL every so often.



In the montage, Ripple mode determines if all the clips to the right move or not. You can turn it on globally, montage per track, or turn it off. I have it on 99% of the time but now and then I need to turn it off.

I can’t remember if there are factory shortcuts to change the Ripple settings but I definitely programmed my own shortcuts.

You may also want to make sure Auto-Grouping is off. I don’t care for that feature and have never used it, it seems to just get in the way.

Anyway, here is where you find the Ripple setting:

Thanks. I never would’ve thought to search for ‘Ripple’. But it -sort- of makes sense.