Another novation giveaway

Bass station…:wink:


I upped your chances.

You’re allreet , northwoods, you’re allreet.

Heck, yer better than maple syrup.

Thx n gluck to you too, guy.

Edit: well, if “meese” is a word-> why not allreet?:stuck_out_tongue:

Same :slight_smile:

Hej hej or hoi hoi?:stuck_out_tongue:

Dank je wohl, mein juter!
(Hope i wrote that correctly- sounded good in my head:p)

Gluck to u too to win det lekker ding;)

Haha, nice try :stuck_out_tongue:
Not entirely correct (and half german) but it gets the point across. ^^
Except a juter, no idea what that is :wink:


Well, i thought it might be something like: “good one” or “good guy” or so…:wink: