Another old one: "Joni" (2008)

Another older one I pulled up to mess with. A spent quite awhile trying to get the vocal treatment right here… I’m still not liking it. I think it was simply a matter of wrong mic choice. But I’ve tamed it a bit using UAD Pultec Pro plug.

The level is pretty low so you might need to crank it a bit

I thought the song was akin for a bass and some light drums after the first verse which never came. The performace is really good however, I thought the singer was impressive as was the recording. I’m not too keen on the piano following the vocal exactly, but I guess that’s a style you’re after. There was one point where a woodwind (I think) came in which I found a bit too loud.

Nice croony delivery Doug. :slight_smile: Liked the orchestration on this one too.
Given the piano is the main instrument I’d would have liked to hear it wider (and warmer) in the mix. I felt it was a little detached and thin sounding sitting out there to one side.

Nice! :sunglasses:

Pretty much nailed Lounge Stylee here Doug. Very idiomatic of the style, nice work :sunglasses:
You might wanna try messing around with some soaring strings for that full on Hollywood effect. Just out of curiosity of course, the song is fine as it is though :sunglasses:


Nice, Doug!
Dare I say, I believe I heard Sinatra-like tones in some of your phrases!
Nice delivery. :sunglasses:
You’ve got some nice and interesting chord changes here. I agree with Ian that
it could use a warmer, fuller piano sound. I also think it may benefit from being slowed down a bit.

This sounds like a real song, written by a songwriter, not the stuff we usually get here. Good one, thanks for letting us hear it.

Thanks for the listens and comments, gents

Nobody else thinks the vocal sounds horrible, in terms of the sonics of it? To me it sounds really fizzy, scratchy, and unnatural. The mic used was a Rode NT2A… I had to roll off quite a bit of highs to get to sound even partly acceptable.

Yeah, good observation. I’ve thought about that. I’ll redo that here very soon

Good point. It’s the SampleTekk White Piano and it’s getting kind of “long in the tooth.” I have that Alicia Keyes, I think I’ll see how it sounds, after I re-record the part. One reason I panned it right is because the violins of the orchestral samples are all panned pretty hard left

Thanks, philter :sunglasses:

Thanks, man… actually, I’m trying to emulate Hackenslash here :sunglasses:

Thanks, Mr early :sunglasses:

Okay, I made a couple changes

dialed back in some mids on the vocal
panned the piano back towards the center
took some highs off the piano
some level adjustments

Yeah I can understand you wanted to balance the piano against the strings. I reckon you can ‘bend’ the rules a little and not worry so much about adhering so strictly to absolute orchestral placements. I’d be inclined to pull the violins little more centre or at least widen. Alicia Keyes piano would be a great choice! It’s certainly become my piano of choice :sunglasses:

Having said all that, your latest mix is sounding pretty darn good now. :sunglasses:

I should have said that the orchestral violin samples are panned left by the library itself, in the standard position. That’s fine for a symphonic piece but a drawback for pop stuff. When one tries to pan them more center, they go way out of phase

Oh, I should have also mentioned that I tried Alicia but didn’t like it as much

I look forward to hearing the updated mix on Sat.

Great tune-smithing Doug.

Agree that the vocal sounds fuzzy/harsh/distorted. Flick it.

Maybe wind off that dense reverb and go for a 50s room?

Maybe wind off a lot of the top end, but maybe that’s also the reverb
as is?