Another One Minute Rant: Activating Tempo Track & Tempo

So yer current masterpiece is at a fixed tempo of 79.775bpm.

You decide to put one teeny little pause in there. No prob. Activate tempo track.

BLAM!!! You’ve just set the tempo to 120 and likely screwed up yer project.

Solution: When you activate a Tempo Track for the 1st time in a CPR, Cubase should be smart enough to ‘see’ the current fixed tempo and AUTOMATICALLY alter that ‘ghost’ tempo event at bar to 79.775 (or whatever).

This is another one of those tiny things that shouldn’t require thought or preparation.

It might also be good if a window popped up to ask you, “While yer at it, would you like me to set the Time Base of all tracks to Musical?” or other options which often go along with starting a tempo track.

That seemed longer than a minute. :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are interesting requests though. Maybe the the could do something about this area.

+1. This happened to me recently. I nearly cried. Seems like it would be easy to implement.

When I move parts to extend a song, I always have to insert a tempo track and a tempo point, and select all the tempo points under the parts I am moving along with the audio and midi parts. I don’t see why I can’t make parts on the tempo track and move them with the other parts.

For what it’s worth, most DAWs are way less sophisticated than Cubase when it comes to tempo. Tempo capabilities were at the top of the list of reasons why I switched from SONAR. There you could not even temporarily disable the tempo track to have a fixed tempo - something that I find myself doing all the time.

I use the tempo track aggressively and I find that the first tempo event in the track is usually nowhere close to the average tempo in a project. So, for me, this would not be much of an improvement and might even end up being intrusive.

I agree with the whole ‘sophistication’ thing. Cubase is great wrt Tempo Track.

But that’s not what this is about. It’s simply being able to automatically take the Fixed tempo and convert it into a Tempo Track as anyone would reasonably expect. The current behaviour (when you activate the Tempo Track it jumps to 120 regardless of yer Fixed Tempo) is just plain -stupid-. I’d almost call it a bug because it’s so far from what the average person would assume would happen.


It would be great to have a solution for this, I agree. I am pretty optimistic that something will come down the pike that will address the whole fixed vs tempo track tempo.