Another percussion kit question…

I built a 6-instrument kit, being careful to assign stem directions to avoid collisions. However, in some measures the stems went in the right directions, and in others they were reversed.

They were fine when I manually adjusted them in the right directions, but it was a bit of a nuisance.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, as always.

If you did not click the upper right corner of the percussion kit editor to say “drum set” then Dorico ignores stem directions.

Regardless if it is a drum set, Dorico uses the drum set option to know to follow the stem directions.


Thanks, Robby, I hadn’t picked up on that.

Final question (I hope), though I think I know the answer.

I’m putting all the percussion parts into one kit, so all the players will see all the parts. However, presumably because it’s a kit, I can’t put dynamics in for each instrument—the dynamics just go at the bottom.

Is there any way around that?


Now that is a question I am not sure about. Maybe someone else is better aware than I am.

I am not sure how dense the part is (i.e., more than 2 instruments at once), but in the properties panel you can move a dynamic to above the staff. This might be very confusing for a percussionist though. I have seen this used very little, but it is a possible solution. It really depends on your material (of which I haven’t seen), so I am not really sure.


Thanks, Robby, but it isn’t just the placement; I need to have multiple (and sometimes different) dynamics at once for 6 different instruments. I’ll keep exploring possibilities.

In fact, I wonder if making it a group instead of a kit would solve it (not home right now.)


Maybe the answer would be to show the part as “single line instruments” in the layout options under players. It still creates 1 layout for the part. But all of the instruments can have separate dynamics.



You also would then need to turn on staff labels for the part layout under layout options as well.


If the example you attached was from a part and not the score, that solves it — thanks!

It is from the part.

You need to create a percussion kit. In the Layout options, under players, scroll down and find the percussion part and select “single line instruments”. When you view the percussion part layout, it looks like a percussion score. You can see all of the parts at once, and give independent dynamics.


Thanks, Robby — that is what I was looking for.