Another Pointless Annual Request: PDF Of New Features

Every year now, the absolute -worst- part of upgrading is not paying. Not the fact that my preferences never migrate. Not figuring out which bits don’t work the same way.

What BUGS THE CRAP OUT OF ME is the 2-3 hours I WASTE watching STUPID VIDEOS of supposedly ‘hip’ EDM or ‘sensitive’ people making music to demonstrate new features.

Why oh -why- can’t they simply prepare a neat 4-5 page memo that summarises the new features, with links to the page numbers in the main help PDF. Like in the good ol’ days.

Man I -hate- ‘New In Cubase’ videos. hate, Hate, HATE 'em. UNLESS it’s a -really- detailed procedure like… how to rebuild my transmission in 387 easy steps.



If you save your preferences as presets they will transfer every single time you upgrade.

If you download the press release it will find a pdf of all new features.