Another Pointless Request: Deprecated Plug-In Mapper

Never happen but…

In other apps (Publishing, Video) they have a facility to AUTOMATICALLY map plug-ins, fonts, etc. when you import an old project where those items are missing OR are no longer supported.

I want to create a list of deprecated plugs/presets which we will be auto-magically swapped when I open an old CPR.


NI’s ‘B4’ should be swapped with Kontakt ‘Vintage Organs’
TC’s ‘ClassicVerb’ should be swapped with Steinberg Revelation

…you get the idea.

So there should be a way to map the deprecated plug -and- its preset with a new plug/preset.

Even if only 80% applicable it would save me HOURS.

The current system just gives you a TXT file, which is ‘helpful’ but in no way eases the pain–which is significant.

The thing I come back to over and over and over is that it feels like the whole paradigm of Cubase is NOW. It’s great for making a new CPR, but if you need to keep coming back to the same content over the years? Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!!! And what I’ve learned is that people who work in other creative disciplines don’t suffer nearly as much. ie. their apps have a LOT better consideration for the need to work with old content.

This is a good idea. Gets a +1 from me. And I agree…it’ll never happen.

I only take exception to this example:

NI’s ‘B4’ should be swapped with Kontakt ‘Vintage Organs’

Yes, from a mapping point of view…but with an enormous grain of salt because, quite frankly, the Vintage Organ within Kontakt is a sad replacement compared to the versatility and sound of the original B4 II. I’m still grousing that NI didn’t bother with a 64bit port of that unit.
Not a single drawbar can be adjusted so that it reflects realtime changes, because all the tone wheels are now sample based. Meh.

There’s always one in every crowd. :smiley:

Yes, that was a poor example in terms of what I would actually -do-. I personally use that VB3 thingee.

But just 10 minutes ago I opened a C5 CPR with a blizzard of MIA plugs. The culprits?

‘Dynamics’ and ‘DoubleDelay’ … both made by some guys called ‘Steinberg’.

It would be nice if they could offer an way to at the very least, map their own replacement plugs. It shows an attitude… either they don’t think much of their plugs or… they just don’t think anyone ever goes back to old material.

Both attitudes are WRONG.
a) Old plugs do NOT necessarily sound crap. I defy -anyone- with golden ears to blind test a LOT of old plugs. The UIs have gotten fancier; the prices higher. But do they -sound- better? Eh… not so much. People are finally getting round to this.

b) More and more people will want to refer back to old material… especially as ‘loop culture’ takes over. We live in a ‘re-use’ and collage world. People don’t want to have to start over every time.

+1 Great idea