Another Possible Bug! Chord Track


I am midi track along with a chord track. However, when I place a chord using a pencil tool, the chord even passes the measure and covers a bit of the fowling measure? I tried with time signature 4/4 and 6/8 and quantizing with 1/1 … nothing changes.

Thank you.

It sounds like you mean you are dragging the chord symbol from the chord track to the midi track, in which case, Cubase takes into account the distance to the next chord to the right, and fills it. This works great when you have multiple chords- each chord gets the duration needed, but the last one will get 4 beats.

You can use an X chord to limit the lengths.

If you mean you are just inserting a chord on the chord track, note that chord track chords do not have “length”, Zoom out a bit to see if that looks better.

No, I am not dragging the chord symbol from the chord track to the midi track, I am using the pencil tool to place the X chord.

Please read the rest of my post. :smiley:

I am not sure what project I was in. But I just recreated a new Chord track, and I see what you are talking about. In the world of SE (OOP), this is not a robust programming. I think the should add the attribute length, the class of chord track chords, so that I behaves nicely when the project is zoom out. Thank you.

The chord track is the same in any project.

There are other means to deal with seeing the chord symbols, using the “Resolve Display Conflicts” button in the track header, changing the height of the track, toggling Scales display…

I don’t know what criterion you use to judge programming robustness, how you could have the info needed without access to the development environment used for Cubase? :smiley:

…i grow weary of this defensive posturing…