Another problem in Cubase Pro 12

It’s still not possible to use Cubase Pro 12 on my Windows 11 Pro Version 21H2 OS build 22000.556.

If I get lucky and Cubase Pro 12 doesn’t crash at start (which, you’ll be amazed, happens once in a while) I am able to Add an Instrument Track. Only ONE instrument track. If I’m trying to add another instrument, no matter what procedure I’m using, the Instrument setting doesn’t work anymore. I also cannot add an Audio Track because the Audio Inputs setting doesn’t work anymore. I can only add a Sampler and MIDI. And Steinberg continues to be very silent about this garbage. Isn’t it not wonderful? And all these for only another $100!

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Upload some of the DMP files, please.

Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

All i see is more and more problems concerning Cubase 12
Like me still no solution and two weeks have gone by with stuck on video player
I also cannot use Cubase 12 and all of this is getting a little tiresome hearing about a multitude of problems
It would be nice to hear progress reports on what is happening, keeping the customer informed.
If all of this goes on much longer i will have to file for a refund as i have no confidence in what is happening
I would of thought comparing Cubase 11 with 12 would highlight what all problems are
Cubase 11 works flawlessly for me
I have even fresh installed Win 11 and still no luck on a fast I7 computer.