Another problem when rendering to FLAC

@JPerkinski: Your FLAC files show as 48k in Wavelab editor mode. I don’t have a different sound card or PC to try this on.

I also used your preset and still got a 44.1 kHz output file…

Well, this sounds like a very strange bug or deep problem. Unfortunately, I don’t know Windows or German well enough to help any more.

For entertainment, have you tried using the Crystal Resampler to successfully make a 96k FLAC file, or even setting the Resampler to 48k, even though you are at 48k?

@Jperkinski: The plot thickens. I have just enabled Crystal resampler, setting it to 96 KHz.

When I now click on Render, the dialog has changed spontaneously: In the File format dropdown, it now reads “Flac / Stereo / 96 000 Hz / Pegel: 8” (which is a mistranslation, by the way - “Level” doesn’t translate to “Pegel” here, because it has nothing to do with “sound intensity” but with compression efficiency; “Stufe” would be correct, but that’s incidental).

When I open the File format dialog, it looks the same as before except that “Channels” has been set to “Stereo”; “Sample Rate” is still set to use the input stream settings.

When I do the render now, the output file is still in 44.1 kHz! WTF?

I’ve got to go to work now, so I can’t test the other cases right now, but I thought you might find this interesting.


To add to the strangeness: Rendering definitely takes a lot longer when setting Crystal resampler to, say, 384 kHz than when setting it to 48 kHz or turning it off - but the resulting files are nearly identical in size, and they sound identical, but they are entirely different when doing a byte-by-byte comparison (probably the result of resampling from 384 kHz to 44.1 looks different than when it’s done from 48 to 44.1?)…

One thing you could try is resetting WaveLab to the defaults … quit WL, go to %APPDATA%\Steinberg and rename the folder “WaveLab 8.5” temporarily; when you restart WL, it will create a new folder there with the original name. Do your tests again.

To get back to your old settings, just delete the newly-created folder and rename the old one back to the original.

Huh, that did it.

I deleted the folder, restarted Wavelab and answered the “Do you want to import your Wavelab 8 settings?” question with “No” - and then everything worked as expected.

If anyone is interested, I’ve uploaded the folder with the “defective settings”, whatever they may be, to here. Thank you all for your help so far - if anyone can find out what was wrong with my installation, even better…

I would just put it down to experience and move on. With each new version I usually set everything up initially and take a backup of that folder, that way if I ever screw things up, I can revert to the backup. As you will have seen, you are offered the option with each new version to import the old settings to save work.

By the way, over in the Cubase forum the term for this procedure is “trash prefs”.

One other useful thing we have learned is that the correct translation for “level 8” is “Stufe 8” :slight_smile: