another problem with errant rests

know this is probably in the fix for the next update; but, have a quintet (2 fls, 2cls, pno). for example, a fl part has several measures of whole rests. I copied a line of earlier music from the same part to the empty rests with copy and paste. it had errant whole rests in every measure. there was supposedly only 1 voice in the part. by pasting does dorico think its a second voice in the measure? is there a way to avoid this for now?

Unless you attach the score, any answer will be just a guess.

If you imported the score from MusicXML, there might be some extra voices in the MusicXML file that you didn’t expect. Try switching on View / Note Colors / Voice colors.

this was a quintet that I had started in sibelius but only had about 1 1/2 minutes of music and imported it with xml. will try with above suggestion.

you are right about the xml. it caused problems (I dream about xml problems). since I wasn’t that far into the work, I started over with a clean folder and flow, then carefully clicked on the notes, etc to copy. Before, I clicked the first measure then the last to copy and it brought everything with it/