Another reason to love Dorico

When placing two slash regions adjacent to each other, Dorico highlights them in slightly different shades of green so that it’s easy to tell where one region ends and the other begins. This is the kind of exceptionally thoughtful planning that makes me truly appreciate Dorico and the team behind it. Just want to say: Thanks folks!



Must… Resist… Snarky remarks… About adjusting slash regions… With the mouse… Aarrgh…:smirk:

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True, that is tricky. I’ve learned to use the keyboard shortcuts for that, or to delete and replace regions when I need to adjust.

I only ever use 1-bar slash regions so I usually just end up with alternating colors like this:

Longer slash regions screw up copying for me as I gotta remember to break them first. Single bar slashes don’t take much more time to input and this way I can safely copy bars from anywhere to anywhere in the score.

(Definitely awarding extra bonus points to anyone that can recognize the changes to this Jimmy Heath composition …)


Never thought to do slash regions measure by measure. Good idea!

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