Another (small) bug regarding long tempo text.

Congratulations on yet another wonderful update! I truly enjoy this program.

Someone already mentioned an issue concerning long tempo changes. I have another that popped up with 1.1.10 which was not present in version 1.1.0.

In the part I include here, the very long tempo marking (I know it’s a little over the top!) creates an incorrect multirest display. Reducing it to 50 characters fixes it; and also a simple system break does the trick. I have a feeling that there is no absolute threshold for this and that the number of characters which triggers this issue varies from case to case. It’s not a huge problem by any means, but the team should be aware nonetheless.

And it’s not even as long as some of Beethoven’s tempo markings, so it’s a very legitimate use case!

Of course, it shouldn’t happen; but it’s easily fixed with a system break which is why I’ don’t sound too worried about it.

I can’t quite reproduce this problem, Claude – can you use the Export Flow feature to export just the flow and the layout that exhibits the problem and attach it here? I suspect that there needs to be both a long tempo item and a rehearsal mark in close proximity to trigger the problem, but I’ve not been able to get it to go wrong myself.

Sure. I’ll send it right away. But the “Japan.dorico” file I sent you last weekend has suffered the same fate. I’ll send it again, just in case

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. There does seem to be an issue with long tempo text over multirests; the whole of the tempo text wants to be over the multirest as in (a) attached. Trying to shorten the multirest using the note spacing tool isn’t a success. However, if the tempo text itself is shortened, as in (b), then the multirest follows suit. I should add that this situation does not occur if the first bar has any notation in it ©, in which the text is spread rather more naturally.
I should also add that this file is a Music XML import from a file originated in Sibelius ((n case this is an XML-related issue).

H&G_H7 (c).png
H&G_ 7b_short tempo text.png
H&G_H7a long title.png

This is actually working as designed, at least for the time being: to avoid tempo items colliding with e.g. a rehearsal mark or a tempo item on the next multi-bar rest, we extend the width of the multi-bar rest to the width of the tempo. However, this is sometimes unnecessary, as your examples show. This is certainly something that we will review in due course.