Another song

Here is another song I just mixed. I used a low attack on the compressor to get it sounding like this.

  1. panned the vocals and guitars and drums
  2. Compressed with a extremely low attack and a high realease
  3. On the master I compressed with 1.7 in ratio and low attacks and put on a lexicon live reverb and Eq´ed the -1.5db at 4khz to try to get a hifi sound

    Listened to Jamie walters(Hold on) and mixed after that sound. I feel I sort of got the mix or on to something.

    Let me know how the mix could be better

    Sorry moderator for all my posts, but I need feedback on my music to get it sounding better

This mix is much better than your other song.

Some things:
The guitar seems out of tune.
The snare has some high-pitched noise to it, almost like a tambourine is hit together with it. I’m not fond of it myself.
Vocals are very good again though, good work on that!

Mix sounds a bit murky to me, pan the guitars right and left. Some unwanted rumble from the bass too that needs taming. Snare sounds over-compressed but you may get away with that when the mix is clearer. Rest of the song sounds fine :sunglasses:


Ok now I rercorded the main acoustic guitar and all the vocals and pulled the eq down at 4khz on the snares.

Let me know

Another good song, with a commercial style chorus.

For now, I’d say redo the guitars, sorry, but they are out of tune.
It will make a massive difference when you do! :wink:

Still not sure on your compression settings, needs some more thought.

Tune up them guitars, redo, then repost! :sunglasses:


What sav said. Also, the vocals could use some cuts in the high frequencies, ‘s’ sounds are a bit too loud currently. Drums are spot on in my opinion, the bass could maybe come up a little as well, it’s a bit undefined at the moment.

Now I have rerecorded all the guitars. It was a dist guitar and my acoustic guitar that was out of tune. Also put a deesser on all the vocals adn brought up the bass a little.

I have been listening to a lot of music now rock and country and my mixing isn´t that far of. Sometimes better than some songs.

Much better now, good mix.
I’m sure someone else will find something wrong with it but it works for me :wink:

Only thing is that maybe the fadeout could be a little longer, I find the track ends a bit abruptly.

edit: on second listen, I see sav’s point on the compression. The vocals seem to have been compressed a bit too much.