Another stemlet question

Hi there,
I have a big region with this kind of rhythmic notation — plenty of rests and small duration notes — and I’d like to group notes and rests inside each beat. Is there a fast way to process this whole region in a batch? Selecting all bars doesn’t work (it either groups ALL beams together, or nothing at all) and I don’t want to have the stemlets on the rest project so activating it in the notation settings is not an option for me, but maybe I’m missing something.

Unfortunately, if you only want stemlets for a specific region in your flow, you’ll need to set the properties manually, which will indeed take a bit of time. You can Ctrl+click/Command-click the rests in question and then use the jump bar to invoke “Force Stemlet Beam”. You can then invoke it again simply by hitting J followed by Return, which will save a bit of time.

That’s a pity, but some manual labour to keep us humble might be a good thing :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway