Another strange windows (bug?) question

First, let me say I’m generally very pleased w/ 6.02.
Like many others, I use multiple monitors. Main Window spread/stretched over both monitors, but the Windows taskbar only appears on the bottom of the left monitor. Project Window on left, Mixer and Control Room on right, with a few other things scattered on both with keystrokes. The mixer and control room are sized on the bottom of the right monitor with the mixer on the left and the control room on the far right. Everything fits, no scroll bars necessary. I’ve saved blank project templates and workspaces. But most of the time, when I open a project, the mixer and control room panels appear to have moved slightly right and down, thereby causing Windows to add scroll bars on the bottom and right side. If I use the scroll bars, the project window on the left gets pushed (slightly) off its position. I have to move the mixer up, and the control room up and left to clear the scroll bars, then back to where they originally were, and for the rest of the session, its fine. Save, close, reopen… same problem.
This is more of a petty annoyance than a serious flaw, but if there is a fix, or if I’m missing something, a heads up would be appreciated.

Take a look around this site and and you’ll find people have been begging to have this issue sorted for years. The workspaces are the official answer. Use the cursor to stretch the window to the size and position you want then save it as a work space. give it a short cut key and you’re sorted.

Trevor, thanks for the response. But I have been using workspaces (as I state in my original post) and its still an issue. I have seen a number of windows issues here and on the predecessor site, but not specifically the problem I have. Anyway, as apparently people have had a number of windows sizing issues for years, it appears to be a bug we will all just have to learn to live with.