Another Thing


New issue in 8. I opened an instance of kontakt and loaded Frielander Violin. After playing it and changing some settings I wanted to X out of it and not save changes. When I do it freezes. I can see on the Taskbar is a new icon. It says save changes, don’t save or cancel. No matter which one I hit it doesn’t do anything. Have. To open task manager and close 8. When it closes I see the k5 dialog box on the desktop asking save, don’t save cancel. Now I tried the same thing in 7.5 and it behaves as expected.


Until it’s fixed, when you run across things like this, turn off AOT on the open window that is blocking other windows.

Hi Greg,

What’s AOT?

Always On Top. I unchecked it and opened K5 loaded an instrument and no difference. Hangs!

Turning AOT off should allow you to get to that dialog box behind Kontakt that it is waiting for your action. It doesn’t sound like it is hanging, but rather it is waiting for your input.

It didn’t bring that box upfront. I’ll try it when I boot up today. For now, going back to 7.5. Also hangs when I go to save a project. When I close it using Taskbar I see a Vst bridge problem window.