Another UR22 Registration Problem

I have searched the forums but not found a definitive answer so apologies if I have missed it somewhere…

I have just purchased a UR22 and tried to register it so I can download the Cubase AI software provided with it.

The registration process will not accept the serial number that is clearly printed on the device and I can’t get any further. I have looked at the eLicenser Control Centre to see if that is the way around this but it is looking for a key in a completely different format from the one that I was issued with.

This is very frustrating and a bad start to trying to use this product. I hope someone on the forum knows a simple answer to this.

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please follow these steps:

  • Log in to your MySteinberg account

  • Click on ‘Register Hardware’

  • Select UR 22

  • enter the serial number of the device (this will register the device to your account)

  • enter the Download Access Code (this is printed on the paper you find in the box)

  • Click on continue

The system will generate the Activation Code needed to activate the license and will provide a download link (also availble in the ‘My Products’ and ‘Downloads’ pages of MySteinberg)

You can also register the hardware and use the Download Access Code separately.

The UR22 serial is made up of 4 digits and 5 letters, the Download Access Code is a 25 digits alphanumeric code.

After you have installed the software, you can activate it using the Activation Code (32 characters) provided previously:

Thank you Fabio. The serial number started YEVI - I thought it was YEV1 and this was why it was not recognised.

Best wishes and thanks for a swift reply,

Brian Watson

Hi Guys.

I had exactly the same Serial Number problem where my UR22 Serial number started with YEVI and NOT YEV1. This did my head in until after a day or so I realised that I had actually entered an incorrect Serial Number. I think Steinberg needs to change the Font on their Serial number sticker so that characters like capital I are not ambiguous. In the font typed here, similar to that on the label, it can easily be confused with a 1. It would help also if Steinberg’s installation paperwork in the box pointed out the 4 Letter / 5 Number form of the Serial Number. I for one came -><- this close to returning the unit as I couldn’t get my hardware registered. Steinberg should see this as a Steinberg error and fix this; it is NOT a User Error as it is caused by using an ambiguous font on their labels.

I am now having issues trying to go from Cubase AI 6/8 to my purchased Cubase 8 Elements, but that is another story… I am sure Steinberg’s kit and Software is great ONCE IT IS RUNNING, but so far I have to say my installation experience is a very poor and tiresome one. :frowning:

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I have the same problem…I want to put the serial number of my ur22 and down Cubse Ai but…nothing…Solution? thanks

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estive com a mesma situação mas já foi resolvido graças a este post.