Another very minor UI workflow desire

When opening the right side pane for key sigs or time sigs, when I’m done I always seem to try to shrink the pane by moving the mouse to the top of the pane only re realize - oh yeah, it’s on the bottom of this pane. There seems to a lot of real-estate on the lower part of this pane for the big button to shrink the pane - assuming someday that may not be the case. How about a smaller “shrink” button at the top of all the options in that pane as well as the big one on the bottom? Or make it configurable where one likes to have that shrink button show? (Actually would not like a large shrink button at the top.) I know this is really nitpicking minor things, but figure it’s worth a suggestion since it does impact my workflow from time to time, especially when I have a lot of key changes or time changes in a piece where I’m often opening and closing that pane. Might be applicable to all the panes.

I see the panels just as an interim solution. If you start making use of Dorico’s popovers, you will hardly ever want to touch those panels again. kloewen, it might be worth exploring them:
key signature SHIFT+K
time signature SHIFT+M

Thanks - you are right - I need to elevate my use of Dorico’s popovers to improve my workflow!

I’m always clicking the pane icon/button again, expecting to be able to close it like that. I’m so used to this functionality from graphic editors like Adobe’s that I’m always frustrated this doesn’t work in Dorico. So, I’d add this as feature request: make the icons open and close the panes.