Another Way of Being

A song created with Cubase and some wonderful musical friends. A bit progressive.


I have to confess I listened for about two minutes and switched to “I’ve Had Enough”, which is a first class song in all respects. Love the style and production.


Thanks for taking the time to checking out another of my songs even when you didn’t care for the posted one.
Most appreciated.

Not bad at all. I think the vocal needs to be lowered just a tad, so it gels better with the rest of the arrangement.

The only think I really dislike is the drums. They just don’t sound right for this genre. I mean, the snare is some poppy piccolo-sounding snare – not right. This is a very Rush-esque song, and I’m not getting a Neil Peart vibe from the kit

Otherwise, very nice 70’s art-rock production… nice guitar playing, too

Thanks for taking the time to review. Your comments about the drum are helpful. I originally had the vocal mixed further back but several folks suggested it be more out front. “What a world” :unamused:
Thanks again.

I tend to put my vocals right up front, but I think much of the time a vocal comes off better when it’s sitting nicely in the context of the arrangement overall. I think somewhere in between where you had it before, where people thought it was too far back, and where you have it now, would be perfect