[Answered] 10.5.20 Pro already installed : how to reinstall 9.5.50 ?

Hi, all

As I changed my computer one year ago, I didn’t reinstall 9.5.50 and would like to do so. I don’t worry about Cubase installation itself, but much more about the ‘contents’ (GA5LE, HSE, plug-ins, etc.), as they are usually installed in shared locations. So, few questions :

  • Do they will be preserved at their 10.5.20 state and will C9.5.50 will work with them ?
  • If so, and as I’ll use the full install package, Is there a eventual specific thing to do, to prevent messing up the contents already installed ?

Thanks for any enlightment. :slight_smile:

No, reinstalling shouldn’t hurt anything. Cubase installations only add new content they don’t remove existing content.

As far as I can remember the installer will let you decide what components you want to install, e.g. just the main application. I think if you unzip the main download you should be able to see the individual installers, i.e. don’t run the setup at the top level, go into the “Cubase …” subfolder and run only that installer.

One thing to watch out for though is that you don’t get an old version of the eLicenser installed. The safest thing to do would be to download the latest version of the eLicenser and install that over the top as a final step anyway.

Great ! Things are now more clear. Actually, I forgot what was concerning the eLicenser when posting this…

Thanks to you both ! :sunglasses: