(Answered) Midex 8: Does C6 support LTB?

On the announcement that Cubase had released 64 and 32 bit drivers for the discontinued Midex 8 and 3 interfaces, I went out and bought a used Midex 8 on ebay.

I’d been sorely vexed since gong to x64 that my Motu Midi Timepiece Parallel would no longer work, since MOTU hasn’t/ won’t release any x64 drivers.

I was ignorant of LTB until I googled the MIDEX. So … two questions, please.

Anyone know if the C6 still suports LTB? (The special midi buffering in which Cubase/ Nuendo sends midi data early to the MIDIEX’ buffer to ensure accurate midi playback.)

Second, any MIDEX user out there with any tips about how to ‘test’ my ‘pre-owned’ unit on delivery or on common problems of the units, so I can ensure it is fully operational?

BTW, the SOS article on the MIDEX http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/may01/articles/steinbergmidex8.asp really cleared up a lot of things about midi timing issues for me.

Midi data is serial! Duh! So if your sending polyphony ( i.e., chords) on multiple midi channels over a single port, each bit arrives one at a time. The busier the highway, the greater the lag and timing fluctuations.


Good questions, im in the same boat.

Now, if we could just find a couple oars.


from this thread, page 2

TY NikKik


Use Evert van der Poll’s truly excellent MIDITest utility, which he has contributed to the community for free, and continues to update. To get true results, remember that if you have selected the Steinberg Audio power scheme in Cubase on Windows 7, when using MIDITest without Cubase running you should set Windows 7 to High Performance to be comparing like with like. In addition, if you’re using Cubase 6 x64 then you should test with the x64 version of MIDITest (released only yesterday! V4.12 – thank you Evert! :smiley: )

Thank you, Mr. Soundman! …or maybe I should wait to thank you until after I find out how difficult it is to learn that midi test software? :astonished:


For a quick function test, connect a MIDI cable from each input to each output in turn, select the inputs/outputs that you’ve connected together from the Input and Output drop-down lists, uncheck all event types except Note Off, set Messages to 1 and click Test.

Note that MIDITest stresses the hell out of any interface, so if you choose to do exhaustive advanced testing, then be prepared for some tests to fail … this doesn’t always mean there’s a problem with the interface though, it’s just showing where the limitations are, and there are many variables at play and the interface hardware is only one of them. Only if a specific test consistently fails with repeatable results would I get worried.

MrSoundman … all your help is much appreciated!