[Answered] Voice Entry, Cut/Paste To Different Voice

With the release of the latest update I decided it was time to start learning to work with Dorico. I decided to enter a few Christmas hymns as a first step. Working first with “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,” everything went fine.

But entering “Joy To The World!” I ran into a problem that I don’t understand. Somehow entering the second voice (in the treble clef) the notes were gold color (instead of green) with the stems pointing up (instead of down), the same direction as voice one. This had not happened with “Emmanuel.” It took me a bit but I figured out that I could force the stems down using the Edit/Stems menu.

When I came back to continuing entry for voice two, the notes were the normal green color and pointing down. In the measure that shared notes from the initial entry and the later one, Dorico had entered gold and green rests, as if the two second voices were different voices. To me, that explained the different colors and stem directions. When I initially began entering notes for the second voice, I must have mistakenly entered them in a different voice (voice 3?, I don’t know).

The solution, I figured, must be to cut the initial entries and paste them into voice two. But when I did so, the notes did not change color to green. I’m a little confused as to what’s going on. Any help understanding this is appreciated.

I have attached a screen shot:

My guess would be that, somehow, after dealing with the first voice (in blue) you created the second voice (in green) but not seeing anything happen, you probably created the second stem-up voice (golden), pressing shift-v twice instead of once. You could easily check how many voices are “enabled” on RH score, with the caret on, pressing v and going round all the voices created. There is a little crotchet showing, for first voice stem up, then stem down for second voice, then stem up with a 2 for third voice…

I do not think it is, as for now, possible to paste in a different voice, nor is it possible to change a voice into another. All these features are to be added in the future, though, because this is a known problem :wink:

You can’t change one voice into another, but you can change the default stem direction of an existing voice, which might be sufficient in this specific case. Select a note in the voice in question, then right-click and choose Voices > Default Stems Up/Down as appropriate.

Thanks, MarcLarcher.

I think that’s exactly what happened. Thanks for the explanation.

Thanks, Daniel.