Antares AutoTune Evo crashes Cubase 6

Hey guys I could use a little help. I’ve been using Cubase 6 for about 3 months now and haven’t had any problems until I recently bought Antares Autotune Evo. Every time i open the VST it crashes C6. I also have Presonus Studio One and Evo runs perfectly in there. It’s something with Evo and C6. If anyone has had a similar issue and can offer a little help i’d appreciate it.


I’ve occasionally had instability issues with AT Evo, but not yet in C6. I’d suggest re-installing AT, and getting the latest iLok drivers. It seems that the first call on AT after opening the project (assuming AT is nat already in there) takes longer than subsequent loading. I presume AT is checking iLock.

Mac or Windows?

I’m running on MAC OSX. I Installed AT Evo yesterday and downloaded all the iLok driver updates yesterday also. AT crashed C6 so i uninstalled and installed again and still the same thing. Thanks for the reply tho. I think it’s something deeper than just checking the iLok.

I’ve had some troubles with Evo 6 on OSX too, using the graph mode…

The Graph mode can be a bit flaky, though I’ve had it working pretty much flawlessly lately (in Nuendo 4.3, not C6, admittedly). You need to set the buffer in AT’s preferences much higher than the default (not necessary in Auto mode).

Antares tech support is quite good, I would get on to them. I doubt you’ll get anything useful from Steinberg in that regard.


no useful tips I’m affraid, just to say I too get a a big old crash when trying to update the VST folder to include auto tune on CB6 elements.

Just thought I’d add my 2 pence, and some more weight behind this problem in case it’s being investigated by the powers that be. No solution though, sorry.

I’ve had trouble quite some trouble with Autotune + Cubase too. I went through the procedure of moving FX .dll files to point the finger and it’s definitely caused by Autotune. Things like periods of processing spikes, hanging on closing, and crashes with the stop/continue dialog.

Recently I’ve been using the latest VST3 version and this seems to be more resilient but I still get processor spikes when I don’t think I should. Also I tend now to quickly render the results via offline processing then remove the plugin.