Antares Harmonizer and Ivory 1.7 crash Cubase 7

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled iLok software, upgraded Harmonizer and Ivory software…seems on my iLok 1 or 2, both programs crash Cubase 7 on boot=up. Any thoughts…what am I missing? Thanks in advance!

Well, Steinberg officially announced that iLok 1 is incompatible with Cubase 7. Presumably that’s the culprit. I got rid of all my type 1’s and moved all my keys onto a single type 2 (and I had to shell out $50 for that, which I wasn’t too happy about…), which holds something like ten times as many keys. The procedure is quick and easy, on the iLok website. No problems whatsoever so far.

So, I suggest you move all your keys on the iLok 1 onto the iLok 2 and then disconnect the former from the USB port.